Quadrum SA attaches great importance to conducting its business in a responsible and sustainable manner. Employees and associates of Quadrum SA are obliged to comply with the principles, standards of conduct and values adopted in this Code of Ethics.

Quadrum SA requires the above from its Contractors - that their activities undertaken for the benefit of Quadrum SA or its clients and the achievement of their economic goals should be carried out in accordance with this Code of Ethics. By contractors of Quadrum SA should be understood all third parties that provide goods or services to Quadrum SA or its clients.

Ethical Conduct.
Quadrum SA conducts business in an ethical and transparent manner. Ethical conduct includes both compliance with applicable social and legal standards as well as the principles described in this Code of Ethics. 

The economic activity of the Contractor and his employees ("employees" should also be understood as persons providing work under civil law contracts) should be conducted with respect for the value of integrity, in accordance with the principles of integrity, loyalty, avoiding all forms of corruption, avoiding conflicts of interest, and not disclosing confidential information along with respect for the conditions and needs of individual entities involved in it.

Legal Compliance
Quadrum SA in its environment complies with applicable law and obliges its employees and associates to do the same. Quadrum SA strives to do business only with those entities that act in accordance with the law and comply with all formal requirements set out for Contractors. 

Respect for Human Rights and decent working conditions
Quadrum SA respects Human Rights and ensures dignified working conditions for its employees and associates, strictly observing the standards of labor law. In Quadrum SA, in particular: 
  • We apply equal and fair rules for the employment, remuneration, development and promotion of our employees,
  • We treat employees equally, in particular regardless of race, sex, religion or political beliefs,
  • We rely on mutual trust and respect as well as appropriate conduct towards others regardless of the position and function performed in Quadrum SA.
All activities of the Contractor and its employees will be carried out with respect for human rights. The contractor should provide employees with decent working conditions and comply with labor law. In relation to this, in the Counterparty's relations with employees: 
  • The contractor is responsible for creating a work environment free from all kinds of discrimination and behavior that can be characterized by any type of violence directed against persons,
  • All employees are treated fairly and with respect by superiors, subordinates and colleagues,
  • The Counterparty is obliged to provide its employees with a safe working environment and continuous monitoring of the precautionary measures adopted at the Counterparty against accidents, and, moreover, to strict compliance with the relevant provisions in all places in which it conducts business,
  • The contractor obliges all employees to strictly observe the principles of health and safety at work, as well as to properly use the equipment provided to them when performing hazardous works,
  • The contractor does not use child labor and does not use any products and services from child labor in business operations, while ensuring compliance with the provisions of the International Labor Organization regarding work performed by children.
Quadrum SA conducts operations in a manner consistent with nature, promotes environmentally friendly solutions, pays special attention to work in the safest possible manner.
Therefore, the Contractor: 
  • Commits to ensuring respect for the natural environment in the performance of its activities and to minimizing the possible environmental impact of these activities,
  • Provides its employees with all necessary means to achieve the above purpose,
  • Commits to strict compliance with environmental protection regulations,
  • Contributes to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of areas with special ecological, landscape, scientific or cultural values.
Counteracting Corruption and Bribery 
Quadrum SA conducts business in an honest manner and does not tolerate any forms of bribery or corruption, including embezzlement, money laundering, collecting fraudulent commissions, extortions, fraud, favoring family or favoring friends.   

Quadrum SA expects the above from the Contractor. The Contractor shall never:
  • demand or accept bribes, 
  • give or propose bribes, 
  • accept the fact that a bribe was transferred - directly or indirectly.   
The above means, in particular, that the Contractor shall not attempt to bribe a public official, employee of Quadrum SA, Customer of Quadrum SA or any person or entity or attempted to influence them in an improper manner.

Confidentiality of information 
Quadrum SA places great emphasis on compliance with the principle of confidentiality of information relating to both Quadrum SA and its Customers and Contractors. Quadrum SA takes all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure of confidential information to unauthorized persons. The Contractor guarantees respect for the confidentiality of information entrusted by Quadrum SA or Quadrum SA customers. The Contractor undertakes not to use the confidential information provided for purposes other than those provided for in the contracts concluded with the Contractor.   

Personal data protection 
Quadrum SA respects the right of every person to protect personal data and the right to integrity in connection with the processing of personal data. Quadrum SA operates in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data. To this end, the Personal Data Security Policy has been implemented, which sets out the security principles for personal data processed at Quadrum SA and contains a catalog of basic rules applicable to the processing of personal data in all administered files. Employees and associates are required to strictly comply with the Personal Data Security Policy.   

The Contractor is obliged to ensure that all activities in the field of personal data processing, e.g. collection, recording, comparison, storage and deletion are carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, while ensuring the necessary security measures.

Fair competition 
Quadrum SA in its activities refrains from any actions considered unfair competition and ensures compliance with legal standards regarding the protection of competitiveness rules. Quadrum SA does not tolerate any violations of antitrust law, competition law and related regulations. These regulations prohibit, in particular, competitive collusion and other activities aimed at influencing prices or contractual terms, sharing markets or customers, or taking other prohibited activities that restrict free and open competition. In addition, these regulations prohibit making arrangements that limit the right of entities to freely set prices and various resale conditions.   

The Contractor undertakes to comply with legal standards regarding the protection of antitrust law and competitiveness.

Conflict of interest
Quadrum SA strives to counteract situations where there is doubt as to the objectivity and impartiality and strives to ensure the transparency of its decisions. At Quadrum SA, it is not allowed to lead to any situations in which the private interests or the interests of relatives or related persons belonging to Quadrum SA would conflict with the interests of Quadrum SA. All employees are prohibited from conducting activities causing or likely to lead to a conflict of interests and obligations. 

Quadrum SA expects from its Contractors that they will avoid situations in which, as part of cooperation with Quadrum SA, there could be a conflict of interest or which might appear to be a conflict of interest. The Contractor who receives information about an existing or potential conflict of interest is obliged to immediately notify Quadrum SA of this fact.

Property protection 
Quadrum SA takes the necessary measures to protect its assets, in particular Quadrum SA protects its assets against damage, theft, loss and misuse. At Quadrum SA, certain rules apply to the use of entrusted assets of Quadrum SA, which all employees are acquainted with.   

The contractor is obliged to: 
  • To respect the assets of Quadrum SA and the clients of Quadrum SA,
  • To use assets belonging to Quadrum SA or third parties only if authorized to do so,
  • To take necessary preventive measures against theft of entrusted property.
In case of doubt as to compliance with the ethical principles set out in this Code of Ethics, you can contact the representative of Quadrum SA for ethical principles at the following e-mail address: moksa@quadrum.pl, who will provide the necessary means to keep confidential the source of the information provided.