With the founding of Quadrum in 1987, a tradition on the building market came into being; a tradition characterised by reliability, punctuality and soundness as the methods of operation. We are here to enable our Clients to achieve their goal, finish their creation and reveal the shape of perfection. Our extensive experience in the field enables us to pass through all stages of building smoothly, while securing maximum results with the minimum investment expenditure. High quality of delivered facilities is our norm, with customer satisfaction being our greatest value.
Quadrum guarantees professional customer service all over Poland in the following areas:
  • Management of investment projects.
  • General construction of public and private buildings of commercial nature.
  • Complex finishing work and renovation of new buildings, as well as modernising existing structures.
Quadrum has successfully concluded several hundred projects related to investments from the following sectors:
  • Industrial buildings
  • Public utility buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Shopping centres